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Leeds Gets Organised

Appeal for support for Leeds Get Organised Dear friend, We have all seen the fantastic work Sheffield Needs a Pay rise has been doing – sorely needed in the current economic climate. I’m very proud and excited to let you know that on May Day 2021 Leeds Trades Council will officially launch  “Leeds Get Organised”… Continue reading Leeds Gets Organised

Leeds TUC

Leeds TUC Covid-19 statement

Leeds Trades Union Council (Leeds TUC), which works across trade union branches to campaign around issues affecting working people in Leeds, brings people solidarity at this very difficult time in dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic. Trade Unions are working hard, nationally and locally, to respond to the challenges presented by Covid-19. Already over 10,000 people have… Continue reading Leeds TUC Covid-19 statement


October motion

Leeds TUC notes Official socio-economic cost of domestic abuse £66b, 2016/17 Record childcare cases, 60% featuring domestic abuse Victims’ continued unwillingness to criminalise partners/former partners Most murders occur when/after victim ends relationship, following previous abuse – sometimes despite earlier police/social services intervention Family Law Act (FLA) 1996 non-molestation and occupation orders protected victims and children… Continue reading October motion