Leeds TUC

Leeds TUC Organises Transport to #OurNHS demo, March 4th


Leeds TUC is organising transport to the #OurNHS national demonstration in London on March 4th. Places can be booked via calling Leeds Unison on 0113 2440810 (9am-5pm, weekdays). For more info, please see our facebook event.

At our delegate meeting on November 30th, we passed the following motion:

The NHS is in crisis – 25,000 nursing vacancies are unfilled, alongside 3,000 midwife posts whilst many district hospitals face cuts to services or even closure, with many hospital trusts in the red, often due to outrageous PFI payments. The latest top-down reorganisation of the NHS, the Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs) due to come into force next year, will seek to intensify this process.

Many local NHS campaign groups have developed in local areas to campaign against cutbacks to local services, whilst many health sector unions have taken strike action over these issues and attacks on pay and pensions, including unions such as the Royal College of Midwives for the first time ever and British Medical Association for the first time in decades.

An umbrella group of some of these campaigns, Health Campaigns Together, has called a national save the NHS demonstration in London for the 4th March which offers an opportunity to link the various campaign groups and trade unions together into a united challenge to the Tory government attacks on our health service.

Leeds TUC agrees to support the demonstration on the 4th March and to help organise and co-ordinate transport to it with local campaign groups and trade unions.


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